Great to see the first confirmed names for @TheBitcoinConf Amsterdam!
@ODELL @BitcoinPierre @LinaSeiche

Who is joining me to the @TheBitcoinConf Amsterdam? 🚀🎉🟠

Crazy if true. But what happend to journalism? I thought you needed at least 2 sources to publish a statement. Just stating 'one source said' shouldn't be enough to publish it anyway.

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Global inflation rates:

🇺🇸 - 8.6%
🇪🇸 - 8.7%
🇳🇱 - 8.8%
🇬🇧 - 9.1%
🇧🇷 - 11.7%
🇵🇱 - 13.9%
🇷🇺 - 17.1%
🇦🇷 - 60.7%
🇹🇷 - 73.5%
🇻🇪 - 167%

#Bitcoin is the escape hatch.

I think there is a market for lending out your Bitcoin. I just don't want to do it for interest payments. That is a strategy based on the old money system. Taking out a mortgage denominated in fiat, with bitcoin and real-estate as collateral, could be a good option.

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I tried out Blockfi in the past, but I didn't like the risk-reward ratio. After reading the terms and understanding the product better. I weighed it against my goal, and decided to hold my own keys.

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Many people are claiming a moral high ground. You deserve to get rekt if you were chasing yield on your Bitcoin. There is no point in communicating this way because you are only signalling to your peers, not the people you are supposedly trying to 'convince'.

The sentiment in The Netherlands seems to be that the rising inflation will level out in a few months. Most people don't even consider the possibility that their premise is wrong. This is an unfortunate result of financial privilege, and blind trust in the people at the wheel.

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Even the World Economic Forum recognizes ETH is a centralized company.

#Bitcoin is a decentralized protocol.

Today is a fun day to check Twitter. The disbelieve is real. 😂

The biggest Chinese oil and gas company is planning to retreat its foreign subsidiaries. A logical response to the unlawful seizure of Russian assets. The virtue signalling is already firing back.


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